Diplomatic Representation in Brussels (B)

Consular matters

The representation of the Principality of Liechtenstein in Brussels serves as both, mission to the European Union as well as embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium. As a bilateral representation, the Embassy represents the interests of Liechtenstein in Belgium, which also includes certain consular matters.

Passport and Identity Card

Since 1 July 2013, besides the Migration and Passport Office in Vaduz, Liechtenstein passports and identity cards can be applied only at Swiss representations abroad. The competent authority for Belgium is the Swiss Regional Consular Centre Benelux in The Hague: (http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/reps/eur/vnld/rkc.html).

Further information is available from the Migration and Passport Office (Ausländer- und Passamt – „APA“), Städtle 38, FL-9490 Vaduz, Tel. +423 236 61 41 or under the following links:




Requirements for entering Liechtenstein (incl. Visa requirements)
Switzerland and Liechtenstein generally share the same entry requirements as well as the provisions concerning persons requiring visas are largely identical. (cf. Ordinance on the procedure of entry and visa (in German); Verordnung über das Einreise- und Visumsverfahren - VEV). These provisions are, however, subject to alterations based on bilateral or multilateral agreements. Individuals requiring a visa may submit an application to the Swiss representation in their country of residence. The decision on the request lies partly with the Swiss authorities and partly with the Immigration and Passport Office. To determine whether you require a visa, please visit www.bfm.admin.ch or check the above mentioned Ordinance.

Entering other countries
If you are interested in the entry requirements for other countries, please consult a travel agency or the embassy of the country you plan to enter.

Residence in Liechtenstein

An overview of the different ways of obtaining a residence permit in Liechtenstein (with or without employment) can be found on the website of the Immigration and Passport Office. The Immigration and Passport Office decides on the issuance of a residence permit.

Registration of Liechtenstein citizens abroad

Liechtenstein citizens residing abroad for more than 12 months are asked to register with the responsible diplomatic or consular representation in their country of residence, in order to ensure consular protection in an emergency situation. In countries, where Liechtenstein has no representation of its own, representation of the interests of Liechtenstein is taken care of by Switzerland based on an Agreement from 1919. In case Switzerland does not have a representation in a given country, the representation of Austria in that country will take care of Liechtenstein citizens.

Liechtenstein citizens abroad are to appear personally at the responsible diplomatic or consular representation in their country of residence and identify themselves with a passport. In case a personal appearance is not possible, the necessary forms and documents can be requested from the responsible representation by phone or on its website.

Upon registration, administrative matters such as changes to ones civil status can be taken care of directly in the country of residence. A registration further serves the officials in facilitating the quick establishment of contacts, the search of missed persons or the granting of assistance in emergency situations such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

Registration form for Liechtenstein citizens abroad

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