Ministry for Home Affairs, Justice and Economic Affairs



Deputy Prime Minister Thomas Zwiefelhofer

Minister of Home Affairs, Justice and Economic Affairs


    The Ministry for Home Affairs, Justice and Economic Affairs brings together three different policy fields forming an interesting combination. The aim is to use the greatest possible number of synergies as efficiently as possible within each of these areas. All three fields require prompt reaction to international developments and challenges in order to take the appropriate decisions and steps for the future.

    In the field of Home Affairs the main focus is on public security, population protection, national and municipal civil rights, political civic rights, the civil registry service and laws concerning foreign citizens.

    Justice covers all fields of law, from civil law and criminal law to the penal system and support for victims of crime. Other responsibilities include the coordination of public liability as well as sales of land and valuations of land plots.

    The wide range of issues related to Economic Affairs includes in particular the promotion of trade and industry as well as the fostering of research and development in these fields. Other broad areas covered include labour laws, protection of workers, the labour market and employment services.

    More information on each area can be found on the webpage of the respective department.

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