Ministry for Infrastructure, Environment and Sport



Minister Marlies Amann-Marxer

Minister of Infrastructure, Environment and Sport


    The Ministry for Infrastructure, Environment and Sport was created by the new government when it took office in 2013. Its responsibilities include those of three Ministries which had existed up to that point: Environmental Affairs, Land Use Planning, Agriculture and Forestry; Construction; Transport. 

    In the field of infrastructure and environment, the Ministry has committed itself in particular to the principle of sustainability. An overarching aim is to maintain living conditions and a landscape that characterise the way the citizens of Liechtenstein see themselves and their country. Major decisions on environment and land are among the biggest challenges facing Liechtenstein today. In this context the Ministry is responsible for a wide range of areas, including environmental protection, land use planning and the development of the mountain region.

    When it comes to transport, the Ministry strives to accommodate the many different needs and demands of society. The aim is to achieve an efficient transport network, a high level of safety and a good standard of infrastructure with an attractive range of public transport options. 

    Further responsibilities of the Ministry for Infrastructure, Environment and Sport include forward-looking, intelligent and sustainable planning of civil infrastructure. The main priorities during both the conception and implementation phase of public construction projects are energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Moreover, the Ministry aims to maintain the value of public property (administrative buildings, schools and cultural institutions) in future and to carry out necessary investments.

    The field of sport is supported by the state through financial contributions and the provision of infrastructure. The Ministry for Infrastructure, Environment and Sport works together with the Liechtenstein Olympic Committee and the clubs and associations in the country to promote sport at grassroots, competitive and professional level as well as private initiatives. Sport is essential for a good quality of life and also acts as a bridge to help people with disabilities integrate into society. 

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