Press Releases

27.10.2016 | Press Release
Withdrawal of South Africa from the Rome Statute

30.09.2016 | Press Release
Milestone for the competitiveness of Liechtenstein’s financial centre

29.04.2016 | Press Release
Improved access for Liechtenstein companies in the Philippines

22.04.2016 | Press Release
Liechtenstein signs Paris Agreement on climate protection

04.03.2016 | Press Release
Liechtenstein reiterates its commitment to the OECD BEPS Project

02.03.2016 | Press Release
Aurelia Frick discusses current human rights situation in Geneva

29.02.2016 | Press Release
Liechtenstein's AAA rating affirmed

27.11.2015 | Press Release
Deputy Secretary-General of the UN in Liechtenstein

30.10.2015 | Press Release
Good marks from Paris: Liechtenstein passes country assessment of the Global Forum on exchange of information for tax purposes

28.10.2015 | Press Release
Liechtenstein and EU sign Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Tax Information

28.10.2015 | Press Release
New publication on Liechtenstein foreign policy

05.10.2015 | Press Release
Very positive response to Liechtenstein's UN initiatives

05.10.2015 | Press Release
Aurelia Frick at the UN General Assembly: Strengthening the protection of civilians

06.09.2015 | Press Release
Aurelia Frick opens high-level meeting on UN reform in Liechtenstein

03.09.2015 | Press Release
Liechtenstein participates in the Venice Art Biennale for the first time

03.09.2015 | Press Release
Opening of next-step Job & Education Days 2015: The next step into a professional future

09.07.2015 | Press Release
Liechtenstein and HM Revenue and Customs (UK) publish Fifth Joint Declaration / Farewell visit of HMRC’s Director Andy Cole in Vaduz

17.06.2015 | Press Release
Liechtenstein complies with international tax cooperation standards

28.05.2015 | Press Release
Liechtenstein: An active member of the United Nations for 25 years

17.04.2015 | Press Release
US Ambassador LeVine visits Liechtenstein

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