Deputy Secretary-General of the UN in Liechtenstein

At the invitation of Foreign Minister Frick, Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, visited Liechtenstein. Mr Eliasson stayed in Liechtenstein for three days on the occasion of the celebration of Liechtenstein’s 25th anniversary of UN membership. He held talks with Hereditary Prince Alois, members of the Government and of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Liechtenstein Parliament as well as representatives of Liechtenstein non-governmental organisations.

Already on Thursday evening, the UN Deputy Secretary-General met with the Foreign Policy Commission of Parliament. The topics discussed included Liechtenstein's role in the UN. On Friday afternoon, Jan Eliasson also met representatives of several Liechtenstein non-governmental organisations and paid courtesy visits to Hereditary Prince Alois and Prime Minister Adrian Hasler.

On Friday morning, Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick received Jan Eliasson for a work meeting. The focus was on the Code of Conduct for the UN Security Council developed under Liechtenstein's leadership. With the support of 106 countries, including the veto powers France and the United Kingdom, the Code of Conduct is a major success for Liechtenstein's foreign policy. The upcoming climate negotiations in Paris, the refugee crisis, and the Security Council's Women, Peace, and Security agenda were also discussed.

After the work meeting, the Foreign Minister and Jan Eliasson held a press conference in the Government Building to talk about Liechtenstein's UN anniversary. Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick drew attention to the many activities in the context of the UN anniversary, which are being used for an intensive dialogue with the public on Liechtenstein's engagement at the UN. The Foreign Minister was especially pleased about the school visits by experts from UN agencies in mid-November: "In total, nearly half of all students at the secondary schools in the country took part in this project – a very nice success!"

Aurelia Frick also provided a brief overview of Liechtenstein's UN membership. After Liechtenstein joined the UN on grounds of sovereignty policy 25 years ago, the country has taken on an active, formative role over the years in order to advance important topics. Today, Liechtenstein is one of the leading voices at the UN on the rule of law and international justice. At the three UN locations in New York, Geneva, and Vienna, Liechtenstein is a strong advocate for human rights, the rule of law, and respect for international law.

UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson praised this active role of Liechtenstein at the UN and congratulated the country on its 25th anniversary, the highlight and conclusion of which took place on Friday night at a public ceremony in Schaan. At that event, Jan Eliasson spoke on the topic of "United Nations at 70 – Challenges for Peace, Development and Human Rights".

Another guest at the ceremony in Liechtenstein on Friday was Martin Sajdik, former UN Ambassador of Austria and since June 2015 Special Representative of the OSCE in Ukraine. In the afternoon, he met with Hereditary Prince Alois, Prime Minister Adrian Hasler, and Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick. At the ceremony, he spoke on the role of small states in the UN.

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