Affirmation of Liechtenstein's AAA rating

After concluding its rating process, the international rating agency Standard & Poor's affirmed Liechtenstein's country rating in its research update of 28 July 2017 with the highest rating, AAA, and a stable outlook.

According to the rating agency's report, the affirmation of the highest rating is based on the positive development of the national accounts and the good asset position of the public budgets. The rating agency also cites the strong Liechtenstein economy, which has a good growth outlook and, compared with other small countries, broad diversification. The report once again highlights Liechtenstein's proactive implementation of international regulatory requirements pertaining to the financial centre. In conjunction with the stable outlook, Standard & Poor's expresses its expectation that Liechtenstein will continue to be able to adjust its institutional and legal framework to the demands of international developments.

Prime Minister Adrian Hasler expresses his great satisfaction about the affirmation of the highest rating by the independent rating agency. This confirms that the approach taken in recent years has been correct, resulting in consolidation of the national budget, reforms in social policy, and financial market regulation as important milestones. It should not be taken for granted that Liechtenstein is one of only 12 countries awarded the highest rating by Standard & Poor's; it should instead be seen as an incentive to engage in ongoing effort and further development. Nevertheless, the rating confirms Liechtenstein's attractiveness as a safe and stable business location.

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