British Ambassador sees Liechtenstein as strong partner and acknowledges the Financial Centre’s initiatives

David Moran, the British Ambassador to Liechtenstein, was paying a visit to Liechtenstein on 24 November 2017. After meeting with Prime Minister Adrian Hasler, Ambassador Moran gave a speech to representatives of business, politics and administration on the subject “Liechtenstein and the UK – a unique partnership in a changing world”.

In the course of his speech, the ambassador referred to the political and economic importance and the expansion of the bilateral relations between Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom. Ambassador Moran expressed his esteem for Liechtenstein.

David Moran particularly highlighted the two countries’ cooperation in the field of taxation and the new measures introduced by Liechtenstein for British clients: “Arrangements such as the ones you recently introduced which are designed to promote tax compliance deserve recognition.” Liechtenstein had seen the opportunities brought about by automatic exchange of tax information, he said, and had taken the initiative to cultivate an even higher compliance culture. This was the kind of progress the UK’s global tax governance initiatives were designed to foster.

Ambassador Moran also expressed his confidence that relations between Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom would grow even stronger after the exit of his home country from the EU: “It is clear that Liechtenstein will play an increasingly prominent role in our economic future and there is some work to do to make sure that the necessary arrangements are in place.” 

Prime Minister Adrian Hasler emphasised in his welcoming remarks that the close relations between Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom, which have developed over many years, are characterised by a remarkable level of mutual trust. He said that this generated an opportunity for the country as a business location and specifically for Liechtenstein’s financial centre. “Today clients are looking for legal certainty and compliance. These are precisely the aspects that are being promoted in the clients’ interest at the financial centre of Liechtenstein. Today's visit by Ambassador Moran impressively demonstrates that these efforts are not only valued but also expressly recognised by the United Kingdom, one of our most important partners. By this Liechtenstein is strengthening its position as an excellent financial centre for UK clients.”


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