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    The Permanent Mission welcomes applications for internships throughout the year, in particular for the main session of the General Assembly from September to December. Interns are fully integrated into the Liechtenstein delegation and have an opportunity to experience the workings of the United Nations and its intergovernmental organs first hand. Depending on their educational background and previous experience, interns are assigned important responsibilities and tasks and have the chance to contribute actively to the work of the Mission.

    Internships usually last four months (January–April / May–August / September–December) and are unpaid. Applicants with a university degree, very good command of English and German (other languages are desirable, but not required), excellent writing skills, some relevant background in international relations and computer skills are preferred. In addition, a very limited number of paid traineeships are awarded to Liechtenstein nationals and other persons residing in Liechtenstein.

    For further information please contact Ms. Martina Reisner, Assistant to the Ambassador:

    Telephone: +1 212 599 0220 
    E-Mail: e-mail

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