Improved access for Liechtenstein companies in the Philippines

On 28 April 2016, Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick signed a free trade agreement between the EFTA States and the Philippines in Berne.

In addition to classic trade in goods, the agreement also governs trade in services and contains provisions on investments, public procurement, and protection of intellectual property. Thanks to this agreement, economic operators from Liechtenstein gain a competitive advantage over economic operators from countries with which the Philippines has not yet concluded a free trade agreement. In particular, this includes the European Union and the United States. Foreign Minister Frick welcomed the conclusion of the free trade agreement with the Philippines. "The expansion of the EFTA free trade network to the Philippines gives Liechtenstein companies better access to this growing and increasingly important market." The EFTA free trade network now encompasses 26 agreements. This gives Liechtenstein companies market access to 37 countries that is as liberalized and discrimination-free as possible.

On the preceding evening, an exchange on foreign economic policy took place between Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick and representatives from Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and other countries.


Domenik Wanger, Senior Advisor to the Foreign Minister
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