Opening of the Political Symposium at the European Forum Alpbach on the topic of Conflict and Cooperation

On Sunday, Adrian Hasler took part in the opening of the Alpbach Political Symposium. Together with the president of the European Forum Alpbach, Franz Fischer, the Prime Minister invited several top-class guests. The guests included the Austrian Federal Minister Alexander van der Bellen, the President of the Tyrolian Parliament Herwig van Staa as well as the secretary-general for the OSCE Thomas Greminger. The traditional reception gives guests the opportunity to exchange views on questions about world politics as well as bilateral issues in an open atmosphere.

For a total of three weeks, the Tyrolean mountain village of Alpbach hosts experts from around the world to identify interdisciplinary and transnational solutions to current problems and challenges. This year, the European Forum Alpbach is dedicated to the topic of "Conflict and Cooperation". In this context, the Political Symposium discusses the rise in complexity and the intensification of political conflicts. It aims to present innovative ideas for political coexistence in the 21st century. In his speech, the Prime Minister addressed core European values and, from a Liechtenstein perspective, discussed important qualities necessary for cooperation. "Only looking beyond our own noses allows us to cooperate in a way that resolves conflict peacefully. This year's overarching topic of 'Conflict and Cooperation' offers an extremely valuable and inspiring framework for that purpose," said Prime Minister Adrian Hasler.

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