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Our office serves both as Mission to the European Union and as bilateral Embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium. To learn more about our various fields of activity, click through the menu on the right-hand side.

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Botschaft des Fürstentums Liechtenstein
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Below you will find the latest news and documents:


    Minister Dominique Hasler attends EU Council meeting on Home Affairs

    On 8 October 2019, the EU home affairs ministers met in Luxembourg. The associated Schengen States Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland attended as well. Liechtenstein was represented by Minister Dominique Hasler. The main topic was Europe’s migration policy. See the press release (German only).


      Ministry for Home Affairs Dominique Hasler and Federal Councillor Karin Keller-Sutter


        The EEA remains Liechtenstein’s recipe for success

        The 25th anniversary of the European Economic Area was the focus of the visit of Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick in Brussels on 20 May 2019. This form of European integration has been highly successful and beneficial – especially for Liechtenstein. See the press release (German only).


          Ine Marie Eriksen Soreide, Norwegian Minister for Foreign Affairs; Aurelia Frick, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liechtenstein; Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland; Mr Ștefan-Radu Opera, Romanian Minister for Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship (credit: EU-Christos Dogas)


          Minister Aurelia Frick with the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Marie Eriksen Soreide (credit: FMO)





            25th years EEA: Prime Minister Adrian Hasler at EU Summit in Brussels

            On 22nd March the three Prime Ministers of Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway met the 28 Heads of State and Government of the European Union in Brussels in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EEA Agreement. Council President Donald Tusk underlined the importance of the EEA as an equal partnership and as a community of values. Liechtenstein’s Prime Minister Adrian Hasler called the anniversary a milestone of European integration. See the press release (German only).


              Family photo on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the EEA Agreement with Prime Minister Adrian Hasler (photo credit: European Union)


                Syria Conference: Spotlight on Liechtenstein’s Initiative on Accountability

                Upon invitation by EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, Liechtenstein Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick participated in this year’s Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the region. Liechtenstein and Switzerland organized a side-event on the topic of “justice and sustainable peace in Syria”. See the press release. (German only).


                  Aurelia Frick, Member of the Government, opens the "Justice and Sustainable Peace in Syria" event, alongside EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Federica Mogherini (Source: European Union)


                    Liechtenstein signs European Blockchain Partnership

                    On Friday, 1 February 2019 Ambassador Sabine Monauni signed the European Blockchain Partnership in Brussels. This way, Liechtenstein wants to actively contribute to the discussions on the use of blockchain technology. See the press release (German only).


                      Director Gerard de Graaf, EU Commission and Ambassador Sabine Monauni


                        EU draws positive conclusions on relations to Liechtenstein

                        On 11 December 2018, the Council of the EU published its assessment of the EU’s relations with Liechtenstein during the last two years and once again drew very positive conclusions. It called the relations “very good and dynamic”, adding that they had further intensified during 2016. See the press release (German only) and the text of the conclusions.

                          EU and EEA EFTA States are jointly preparing for Brexit

                          The efforts aimed at an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU – and thus also from the European Economic Area – were the focus of a recent visit of Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick in Brussels. In the coming months, the EEA EFTA States will coordinate very closely on this issue with the EU. See the press release (German only) and the statement on the functioning of the EEA Agreement.


                            Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick in Brussels


                              Prime Minister Adrian Hasler at ECOFIN Council

                              On 6 November 2018, Prime Minister Adrian Hasler participated in a meeting of EFTA Ministers for economic and financial affairs with the EU Council in Brussels. He presented the common paper by the EFTA States on the topic “FinTech, opportunities and challenges for the financial sector and economic growth”. See the press release (German only) and statement.


                                The Finance Ministers of Denmark, Iceland and Liechtenstein: Kristian Jensen, Bjarni Benediktsson and Adrian Hasler


                                  Presentation on bilateral relations between Liechtenstein and the European Union

                                  On 17 July 2018, Ambassador Sabine Monauni discussed the status of Liechtenstein’s relations with the European Union with representatives of Council Working Party COEFTA. Ambassador Monauni concluded that relations were “excellent”. See the full text of her presentation.


                                  Minister Dominique Gantenbein meets EU interior ministers

                                  On 12 July 2018, Minister Dominique Gantenbein attended an informal meeting of interior ministers of the European Union in Innsbruck, Austria. The talks focussed on European asylum policy as well as external border protection. See the press release (in German).


                                  Incorporation of EU General Data Protection Regulation into the EEA

                                  On 6 July 2018, the EEA Joint Committee decided to incorporate the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into the EEA Agreement. The GDPR thus entered into force for Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland on 20 July 2018 and became immediately applicable in Liechtenstein on that day. See the press release (in German).


                                  Brexit as main topic at meeting of EEA EFTA Ministers in Oslo

                                  Brexit and EEA cooperation were the main topics during the talks held with Minister Aurelia Frick on 15 June 2018 in Oslo. See the press release (in German).


                                  Aurelia Frick at EEA Council: Access to internal market an important asset for business location Liechtenstein

                                  At the semi-annual meeting of the EEA Council on 23 May 2018, Ministers discussed the functioning of the EEA Agreement as well as the proposed reform of the European Financial Supervisory Authorities. See the press release (in German).

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