Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Education and Sport



Minister Dominique Hasler

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Sport


    The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, with its Education and Sport Departments, combines three complementary policy areas in which Liechtenstein defines itself internally and externally as an active and independent country. Policies on these issues markedly determine the country’s perception of itself.

    The principal remit of Liechtenstein’s foreign policy is to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and independence and to maintain and develop its relations under international law. The representation of our interests aims to promote cooperation and collaboration within the region as well as internationally. Foreign policy priorities also include upholding human rights and the rule of law, foreign economic and financial policy, and international solidarity within the context of international humanitarian cooperation and development.

    Liechtenstein’s education system encompasses everything from early childhood education to adult education, including public-sector and private schools, and offers a remarkably differentiated range of courses and programmes that are shaped on a daily basis by many committed teachers and specialists in a manner that looks to the future. This also includes the University of Liechtenstein, the Agency for International Educational Affairs, the Liechtenstein Music School, the Liechtenstein School of Art and the Foundation for Adult Education. Other focal points are the targeted participation in and support of scientific research and development.

    The world of sport and associated sports club activities strengthen social interaction in Liechtenstein and are crucially important for the quality of life and health. This also underscores the importance of safeguarding the associated facilities and infrastructure, building on these foundations and also expanding them accordingly. The aim is to enable all interested parties to engage in sporting activities, thereby promoting mental and physical health. When it comes to elite sport, conditions are created that offer our competitive athletes and sports federations optimum conditions for top performance.


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