Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture



Minister Dr Katrin Eggenberger

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture


    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture brings together three thematically related fields in which Liechtenstein presents itself as an active and independent country. Policies in these areas contribute significantly to defining the way the country sees itself.

    The main aims of Liechtenstein's foreign policy are to preserve the country's souverainity and independence as well as to maintain and develop its relations under international law. Foreign policy priorities are relations with neighbouring states, European integration, Liechtenstein's position in trade and as a financial centre, human rights and rule of law as well as international solidarity.

    The Justice Department covers all legal fields: Civil law, criminal law, penal system, victim support, coordination of public liability, real estate transactions as well as property valuation.

    Liechtenstein's cultural policy is centred on the identity of the Principality of Liechtenstein and its inhabitants. The Ministry strives to protect and foster the country's cultural property, which forms an important part of Liechtenstein's understanding of itself as a state and its national identity. The country's many clubs and National Library of Liechtenstein, for which the Ministry is responsible, play a significant role in Liechtenstein's self-image. Cultural projects in and from Liechtenstein are a vibrant expression of the freedom of spirit found in the country.

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