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Businesses definitely come under significant pressure at times when technologies, international standards, as well as economic indicators, such as exchange rates, are changing at a relatively fast pace, but the same pressures provide an opportunity for new business models to emerge. Through the process of innovation new, as well as existing requirements can be used as a starting point to stimulate creative ideas and then convert them into a functioning business model, if people are bold enough to take the risk.

This process, whether it takes place within an established business or in the form of a start-up, is vital for a national economy, as it is the only way to safeguard income and revenue in the medium to long term.

The Government is keen to provide the best possible environment for this process, so that more ideas can be picked up and acted upon. The Prime Minister, Adrian Hasler has launched “Impuls Liechtenstein” to do precisely that.

The measures are effective on two levels: adapting the operating environment in order to promote business development and supporting the innovation process itself.

LVC-Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative 

Many talents and skills are needed before ideas can grow into functioning business models: creativity, entrepreneurship, expertise, working and capital resources. In established businesses that have their own procedures for promoting innovation, most of these aspects are covered in-house. It is when ideas emerge from outside these businesses, that simple, uncomplicated cooperation is essential for the ideas to be developed. If there is no cooperation the potential is not used and goes to waste.

With the LVC Liechtenstein offers an ideal legal form for the development of innovations. The Ministry for General Government Affairs and Finance provides the required templates for foundation documents with the aim of providing innovators with a more secure legal framework and ensuring fairer treatment in the early stages.

More Information: Impuls Liechtenstein

Innovation Clubs 

The operating environment established by the State can have a significant influence on businesses. It may facilitate or hamper business and determine how much in the way of resources has to be spent on administration, i.e. the non-productive part of business.

The “Innovation Clubs” tool has been created to provide businesses with an effective mechanism for telling the Government what they need, establishing a reliable process for promoting innovation in the operating environment or other areas in which the State is involved.

Regulation Laboratory 

The financial sector is currently undergoing tremendous changes in its market environment. Innovations are largely associated with digitalisation and new financial technologies. But experience shows that the innovative business models often don’t fit into the traditional regulation categories. For this reason the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority has set up a separate team of experts to focus on innovative business models. This will give the relevant businesses direct access to a team of experts, ensuring that the authorisation process is as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

More Information:

Impuls Liechtenstein

FMA (Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein)

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