Ministry of Home Affairs, Economy and Environment



Deputy Prime Minister Sabine Monauni

Minister of Home Affairs, Economy and Environment


    The Ministry for Home Affairs, Economy and Environment combines three areas that are indispensable for a safe and economically successful Liechtenstein with a high quality of life.

    The Ministry for Home Affairs is responsible for public safety, civil protection, rescue services, political rights of the population, national and municipal citizenship law, civil status and aliens law. 

    The primary goal of the Economy Department is to promote Liechtenstein as a place to do business. The promotion of industry and commerce as well as research and development, employment law, employee protection and labour market policy measures are of central importance.

    The Environment Department consists of the Forest and Landscape, Environmental Protection and Agriculture Divisions. In addition to national environmental policy, close involvement in international environmental and climate policy is also part of this department’s remit.

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