Ministry of Home Affairs, Education and Environment



Minister Dominique Hasler

Minister of Home Affairs, Education and Environment

    The Ministry of Home Affairs, Education and Environment brings together three key fields of responsibility.

    The Ministry of Home Affairs is responsible for public security, civil protection, rescue services, political rights, national and municipal citizenship, registry offices and aliens' law. 

    The Liechtenstein education system is remarkably differentiated, from early learning to adult education, and includes public sector and private schools. These are actively shaped by many dedicated teachers and experts day in, day out. This also includes the School of Music and Art, as well as the University of Liechtenstein and the Agency for International Educational Affairs. Another focus is the targeted participation and support of scientific research and development.

    The Department of Environment consists of the fields of forestry and landscape, environmental protection and  farming, together with their respective differentiated specialist issues. In addition to national environmental policy, the activities of this department also include integration in international environment and climate policies.

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