Ministry of Social Affairs and Culture



Minister Manuel Frick

Minister of Social Affairs and Culture


    The Ministry of Social Affairs and Culture is responsible for social and cultural policy in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The Ministry was created in 2013 when the new government took office. It assumed the tasks of three departments that had existed until then: Social Affairs, Health, and Family and Equal Opportunities. Following the appointment of the government in 2021, the ministry was also made responsible for the cultural field.

    One of the main tasks of the Ministry of Social Affairs is social welfare and social insurance. The Ministry coordinates much of Liechtenstein’s social security system, including old age and surviving dependents’ insurance, health insurance and maternity allowances. Particular emphasis is placed on policies geared towards the older generation as well as on guaranteeing the financial capacity of the old age and surviving dependents’ insurance services.

    In the field of health, the Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for health policies and the hospital system. According to Article 18 of the Constitution, the State is responsible for public health services in Liechtenstein. This includes in particular the creation and constant improvement of the country’s health infrastructure (hospital treatment, service providers, insurers, pharmaceutical products, etc.), while at the same time avoiding overprovision, as well as monitoring and controlling the increasing healthcare costs.

    The Ministry of Social Affairs is also responsible for decisions related to family policy, in particular concerning children and adolescents. The State assists families with a range of measures that include financial support, tax breaks, advice services for a range of difficult situations and different types of counselling.

    A further area of focus within the Ministry of Social Affairs is equal opportunities. This encompasses equality in all areas of life between men and women as well as between disabled persons and other groups in society. The Ministry of Social Affairs actively strives to combat social deprivation.

    The state’s cultural policy focuses on the identity of the Principality of Liechtenstein and its inhabitants. The nurturing of the country’s cultural assets, which are an essential part of Liechtenstein’s national consciousness and identity, is an important component of this. The many associations and museums as well as the National Library which are overseen by the ministry also play a significant role in the cultural self-image of the country. Cultural creativity in and from Liechtenstein represents a fascinating expression of the country’s intellectual freedom.

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