Ministry of Social Affairs and Culture


Liechtenstein is a country of culture.

One aim of the Liechtenstein’s cultural policy is to maintain the identity and self-image of our country and its inhabitants. Cultural heritage and cultural values are significant parts of Liechtenstein’s understanding of itself and its national identity, and will remain so in the future.

Liechtenstein’s cultural policy is at the same time national, regional and international. Cultural variety and mutual awareness are central elements when it comes to tolerating differences. An active cultural policy enables us to discover and explore other peoples and cultures.

The Government provides its citizens with space for cultural activities and promotes cultural creativity in its many diverse fields and facets. An important goal in this process is to encourage as many people as possible to take part. Through its open cultural policy, the State contributes to influencing positively Liechtenstein’s image.

Of equal importance is the promotion of cultural diversity and innovation. In Liechtenstein a large proportion of citizens are involved in cultural activities and in doing so they help shape public life. This broad interest in culture must be supported both now and in the future.

The Ministry of Culture implements these efforts, which are essential for our country as a sovereign state, in cooperation with the assigned Offices, the public foundations and many creative artists.

Quality and sustainability are the benchmarks of the Government's cultural policy.

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