Press Releases

19.11.2020 | Press Release
Brexit: Government takes further preparatory action to prepare the withdrawal of the UK from the EEA internal market in the field of investment services and activities

03.10.2019 | Press Release
Liechtenstein Parliament approves Blockchain Act unanimously

08.07.2019 | Press Release
Liechtenstein’s Financial Stability Council held its first meeting

07.06.2019 | Press Release
Liechtenstein Blockchain Act on track

08.05.2019 | Press Release
Report and Motion on the Blockchain Act adopted

26.03.2019 | Press Release
Brexit: Liechtenstein is prepared

18.03.2019 | Press Release
Peer review successfully completed: OECD Global Forum once again attests Liechtenstein a high degree of compliance with international tax standards

02.10.2018 | Press Release
ECOFIN removes Liechtenstein from “Grey List”

05.09.2018 | Press Release
Implementation of automatic exchange of information concerning financial accounts (AEOI) with further partner jurisdictions

29.08.2018 | Press Release
Consultation launched on Blockchain Act

18.06.2018 | Press Release
Tax Act amendment adopted by the Diet

15.06.2018 | Press Release
OECD Global Forum meets in Liechtenstein

14.05.2018 | Press Release
Liechtenstein ready to grant reciprocal rights during implementation period

24.11.2017 | Press Release
British Ambassador sees Liechtenstein as strong partner and acknowledges the Financial Centre’s initiatives

01.11.2017 | Press Release
Talks between Liechtenstein and China on a Double Taxation Agreement

27.08.2017 | Press Release
Opening of the Political Symposium at the European Forum Alpbach on the topic of Conflict and Cooperation

16.08.2017 | Press Release
Affirmation of Liechtenstein's AAA rating

27.10.2016 | Press Release
Withdrawal of South Africa from the Rome Statute

30.09.2016 | Press Release
Milestone for the competitiveness of Liechtenstein’s financial centre

29.04.2016 | Press Release
Improved access for Liechtenstein companies in the Philippines

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