Diplomatic Representation in Vienna (A)

Bilateral relations Austria - Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein and Austria entertain historically close and friendly relations based on the political, geographic, cultural, social and economic proximity of the two countries. More than 40 agreements and bilateral treaties underpin these relations in diverse areas such as culture, education, security, justice, economy and social matters. Cooperation in tax matters between Liechtenstein and Austria has been comprehensively revised in 2014 in accordance with international standards.

In all domains of politics there is regular and intensive exchange at the level of Government and administration as well as between the Heads of States. Close cooperation in the region, first and foremost with neighbouring Vorarlberg, is of high importance for Liechtenstein.

With the European Economic Area (EEA) and the Schengen space both countries are closely connected on the political and economic level and are integrated in Europe. For companies in the industrial and financial sectors Austria is a major partner for cooperation. Liechtenstein companies employ around 1’600 persons in Austria. More than 8’000 persons from Austria come to work to Liechtenstein on a daily basis. Liechtenstein and Austria form a homogeneous industrial landscape, geared to high-quality exports and displaying strong innovative power. Austria is among the most important trading partners for Liechtenstein.

In 1998 the Principality of Liechtenstein opened a resident Embassy in Vienna. In addition to fostering the bilateral relations between Liechtenstein and Austria, the Embassy of Vienna is responsible for consular services for Liechtenstein citizens in Austria.

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