Diplomatic Representation in Vienna (A)

Bilateral relations Czech Republic - Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic share a common history of more than seven centuries, but only in 2009 the diplomatic relations could be normalized. Cooperation between Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic, although still young, is intense and expresses itself in a multitude of joint undertakings in foreign policy, culture and education. With the conclusion of a double taxation treaty in 2014 the ground has been laid for strengthened economic cooperation.

For the period of three years a joint Commission of Historians has elaborated a comprehensive overview of the common history and published its results in eight volumes in German and Czech (Results in German). This knowledge about the common cultural heritage and the opportunities that follow from it for a deepened cooperation in the future, constitute a solid basis to overcome still questions arising from the common history that continue to remain open.   

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