Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein

Adrian Hasler

Ministry for General
Government Affairs
and Finance

Daniel Risch

Ministry for Infrastructure,
Economic Affairs and Sport

Mauro Pedrazzini

Ministry for Social Affairs

Dominique Hasler

Ministry for Home Affairs,
Education and Environment

The Government

Liechtenstein's Government is the country's most senior executive body. Comprising the Prime Minister and four Ministers, the Government is a collegial body reporting both to the Parliament (‘Landtag’), the highest legislative organ, and to the Reigning Prince (‘Landesfürst’), the head of state. The Government is appointed by the Reigning Prince following a proposal by Parliament and serves a four-year term. The seat of the Government is the country's capital, Vaduz.


Diplomatic representations

The eight diplomatic representations and the Office for Foreign Affairs safeguard the interests of the State, its citizens and the country’s economy abroad. They foster and promote bilateral relations with international organisations. Liechtenstein has embassies in its most important partner countries. Of particular importance are Liechtenstein’s representations at international organisations.


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