Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture

Foreign Affairs

The main responsibilities of Liechtenstein's foreign policy are to preserve the independence and security of the country and to maintain and develop the Principality's international relations.

In order to achieve these aims, Liechtenstein fosters relations with other states at a bilateral level but also cooperates at a multinational level through its role in international organisations and by participating in treaties and international agreements at European and global level.

Liechtenstein's international cooperation is driven by the following principles:

  • safeguarding its own national interests, 
  • protecting Liechtenstein citizens,
  • demonstrating solidarity with the international community, including humanitarian cooperation and development on an international level and the promotion of human rights. 

The Ministry is also responsible for education. The Principality of Liechtenstein has its own successful education system, but for many decades it has also cooperated closely with its neighbours Switzerland and Austria in the field of education. The principle aim is to create a modern legal and planning framework to support citizens as they make their way through life in a society that is increasingly characterised by lifelong learning.

The main task of Liechtenstein's cultural policy is to maintain the identity of the Principality of Liechtenstein and its inhabitants. The Ministry strives to protect and foster the country's cultural property, which forms an important part of Liechtenstein's understanding of itself as a state and its national identity. Moreover, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Education and Culture promotes Liechtenstein's cultural diversity.

In cooperation with the Office for Cultural Affairs and public foundations such as the Liechtenstein Cultural Foundation, the Ministry pursues an active cultural policy and aims to maintain an ongoing dialogue with artists and other cultural professionals. The projects carried out by creative people from Liechtenstein and abroad are an exciting expression of the freedom of spirit to be found in Liechtenstein.

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